July 12, 2020

8 Recession Proof Jobs

As the unemployment rate has failed to improve and the recession remains in effect, I bet there are very few people out there who aren’t worried at least a bit over their job security. During these tough economic times, you never can tell whether any job is completely secure, but there are some jobs will always be in demand. Here are eight jobs that appear to be the most “recession proof.”

1. Entertainmententertainment

One of the only markets that continue to grow at a fast rate is the entertainment business. When people are dealing with a difficult recession, entertainment becomes increasingly important. Jobs involving movies, video games, alcohol, and nightlife venues become more in demand when times are tough.

2. Software Design and Developmentsoftware

According to the US Department of Labor, the software design and development industry is on track to be one of the fastest growing jobs through to 2016.

3. Accountantsaccounting

The recession has resulted in an increased demand for accountants. There are tougher accounting and auditing regulations, and more accountants are needed to help people with their finances.

4. Educationeducation

No matter what shape the economy is in, the nation’s youth must have access to education. Teachers and educators will always be needed; however location may play a part in where the jobs are located.

5. Law Enforcementlaw-enforecement

As times get harder, crime increases, putting law enforcement jobs such as police officers and security staff in high demand.

6. Funeral Services and Elder Care funeral

The high percentage of elderly today, and the aging population of baby boomers, keeps the funeral service business and care services for the elderly in high demand.

7. Doctors and Nurses healthcare1

Even during economic hardship life goes on, people get injured, have babies, get sick, and therefore will always need doctors and nurses.

8. Bankruptcy Attorneysbankruptcy-lawyers

Here at Clark & Washington, we have only seen an increase in the amount of bankruptcy filings since this recession began. As long as people continue to suffer from financial hardship, we will continue to stand by to provide support for those interested in filing bankruptcy!